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Resolving issues involving a divorce, separation or family-related matter through the legal system is often painful, stressful and taxing for all parties involved. The law is complex and each state has implemented its own rules and requirements regarding family law issues.

At Peeler Law Firm, PLLC, in Pensacola, attorney Stan Peeler has extensive experience with family law, having handled hundreds of family law cases.

Divorce In Florida

In the state of Florida, either spouse may file for a divorce and neither must prove fault. In some instances, a court could grant a divorce as early as 20 days after the petition. There are prerequisites to obtaining a divorce, however, including strict residency stipulations. Contact a divorce attorney to learn more.

Military Divorce In Florida

The issues surrounding divorcing parties when one spouse is in active military status are a bit more complex. The residency requirements differ, do the rules regarding distribution of military retirement benefits and child and spousal support allowances.Contact a military divorce attorney to learn more.

Child Custody And Child Support In Florida

When it comes to time-sharing (often referred to as child custody), Florida courts typically support a shared custody arrangement, but the ultimate arrangement will likely be based on the best interests of the children involved.

When it comes to determining child support, Florida utilizes guidelines that generally use each party's net income and financial responsibility when calculating child support.

Marital Property Division In Florida

In Florida, courts utilize the equitable distribution method for dividing martial property and marital debts. Such a division is not necessarily equal but fair in the eyes of the court. There are other stipulations regarding nonmarital property, or the assets acquired prior to the marriage.

Modifications To Child Support And Spousal Support In Florida

Situations often change that require the need to modify an existing child support or alimony arrangement. If there is a substantial change in circumstances, such as a loss of a job, additional day care or extracurricular expenses for a child, a parent can petition the court for a modification.

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